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Infant Program

(6 weeks to 12 months)


From first smiles to first steps, your child is born learning!  LVCC teachers understand the importance of language, movement, and play for your baby's developing brain.  Based on the unique schedule of each infant, our program is an extension of the home, providing a warm, safe, and stimulating environment. Cuddling, rocking, and planned developmental activities are important aspects of the program, which is designed to meet each child's emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs.


          Individualized Care                 

          Vibrant Environment

          Consistent Routines 

          Nurturing Staff 

LVCC - Infant Program

Our Teachers

Our teachers provide personalized care to meet the unique needs of each child within our infant care program.  The warm, caring staff nurture children and promote activities to help each child meet their developmental needs in an individualized manner.  The staff within our Infant room ensure that the most beneficial educational elements are provided within their classroom to guide infants' curriculum while learning through play. 

LVCC - Infant Program

Our Classrooms

Our Infant classroom provides an enriching and colorful environment that promotes exploration and development. Fine and gross motor materials promote active engagement during tummy time as well as fostering fine motor skills during meal times and art activities.  Teachers provide music and art activities daily that help to fill the classroom with personalized works of art and soothing music to explore. The infant classroom is set up to support individualized schedules, allowing for socialization within the classroom for infants while they are awake and actively engaged, and a calming location for nap time to occur.

Creative Curriculum

Daily activities are created according to Pennsylvania State Learning Standards to ensure that all areas of development for each child are met and assessed through daily observations and interactions.  The Creative Curriculum offers children opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that help each child meet developmental milestones at an individualized level.

Learning Through Play

We believe that children make sense of the world around them through play that is open-ended and child-initiated. Play helps children strengthen their language skills, and foster physical, social-emotional, and cognitive abilities. While children are engaged in play, our teachers play an important role in scaffolding and providing intentional interactions to further each child’s natural ability to learn through exploration.

LVCC - Infant Program

LVCC - Infant Program

Transitions and Development

Teachers within the infant room know the importance of fostering skills that allow for transitions to self-feeding and gross motor coordination.  Our infant room teachers understand that every experience is a learning opportunity.  As infants are ready, teachers help children develop fine motor skills to promote hand to mouth feeding techniques. Floor time activities help promote muscle development and movement coordination.