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Preschool Program

(3 years to 5 years)

The world expands rapidly for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Every day, their boundless curiosity leads to exciting discoveries. Reading about dinosaurs and examining fossils might lead to a lively session of music and dance, as the children pretend to be dinosaurs stomping through the forest. Our preschool programs ensure a solid foundation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), language, literacy, and social skills.

LVCC supports each child by providing the proper learning environment and well-trained teachers to guide each child to success.

      Colorful, Attractive Classrooms                 

      Learning through Play

      Stimulating Materials 

      Developmentally Appropriate Activities 

LVCC - Preschool Program

Our Teachers

LVCC teachers help children develop friendships, foster independence and self-help skills, and guide children to strengthen their academic abilities by learning through play.

LVCC - Preschool Program

Our Classrooms

Our preschool classrooms are arranged into specialized learning centers where children can actively explore materials and learn through what motivates them. Interest areas include: language and literacy, math, science and technology, manipulatives, free art exploration, dramatic play, blocks, gross motor movement, and sensory play. 

Creative Curriculum

Our preschool classrooms utilize the Creative Curriculum, a study-based curriculum designed to guide children through in-depth learning throughout all areas of a preschool day. The Creative Curriculum offers children opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that help develop lifelong critical thinking skills and build confidence. By using the Creative Curriculum, teachers are given the tools they need to encourage and support all learners in a high-quality educational environment.

Learning Through Play

We believe that children make sense of the world around them through play that is open-ended and child-initiated. Play helps children strengthen their language skills, and foster physical, social-emotional, and cognitive abilities. While children are engaged in play, our teachers play an important role in scaffolding and providing intentional interactions to further each child’s natural ability to learn through exploration.

LVCC - Preschool Program

LVCC - Preschool Program
Building Friendships and Social Skills

Our preschool classrooms are communities. At LVCC, we value the importance of all children feeling accepted, valued, and part of a group. The intentional teaching of social skills is vital to our preschool program. We help children learn conflict resolution and promote self-regulation by creating predictable environments and schedules, providing consistency in the classroom, and giving plenty of opportunities to interact with their teachers and peers.