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ITCS Program

(6 weeks - 36 months)

LVCC has a strong history of offering high-quality infant/toddler services and is proud to offer  The Infant Toddler Contracted Slots (ITCS) Program at a select few LVCC Locations.  The Infant Toddler Contracted Slots (ITCS) Program serves Child Care Works eligible infants and toddlers via contracted slots at a ZERO co-pay cost to families.  

          Continuity of Care                 

          Small Group Size

          Individualized Programming

          Supported Transitions

The Infant Toddler Contracted Slots Program builds upon the already established infrastructure of the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts (PA PKC) Program model. PA PKC has been in existence since 2007 and provides high-quality pre-kindergarten services to eligible children. Children enrolled in LVCC ITCS receive priority placement in LVCC Pre-K Counts Programs.  Building an infant toddler focused program with established PA PKC programs will allow continued focus on quality programming while building strong transitions from infant-toddler to pre-kindergarten classrooms.

LVCC - ITCS Program

In an ITCS Classroom you can expect to find the same high-quality education you have come to expect with LVCC in a blended age classroom.  This new environment will offer lower child staff ratios and provide stability/continuity of care as children remain with their caregivers throughout their time in the program. Limiting the child’s transitions will increase the opportunity to build secure, attached relationships as well as support children’s social and emotional development.

LVCC - ITCS Program


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