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School Age Program

(5 years to 12 years)

At LVCC, learning doesn't end when school is dismissed-it just becomes more fun! Our school-age programs keep your child active and engaged in creative ways to learn before and after school, as well as during the summer. This time outside of the traditional school hours are a great time for children to explore new interests. While one child enjoys a game of chess, another is designing racecars or making jewelry.  From June through August, children transition into our LVCC Summer Explorers program, where they enjoy field trips, STEM projects, art, swimming, physical education, and more.


        Engaging & Fun Environment

        Individualized Homework Help

        Hands-on Activities

LVCC - School Age Summer Program

Our Teachers and Curriculum

Whether within a district building or within one of our full-service centers, teachers in our School-Age Programs plan and adapt their lessons and activities to meet the needs of all children.  Our teachers acknowledge and understand that preparing students for a successful day at school is just as important as having them return into our care to complete homework and unwind from a busy school day.  They plan activities based on the interests of the children, as well as extending on the current curriculum and lessons that are being conducted within their classrooms.  

LVCC - School Age Summer Program

Our Classrooms

Each one of our school-age classrooms is unique to the building in which it is located.  We provide space that allows for independence and creativity, while maintaining a safe, supervised, engaging environment. Our school-age children are invited to make their classrooms their own and we strive to provide our children with a place where they feel at ease and know they can come to relax and have fun after a long day at school.

LVCC - School Age Summer Program
Hands on Learning

Children within the School Age Programs at LVCC are provided opportunities to engage in hands-on activities through learning centers and daily activities including art, music, STEM, and gross motor activities.  These activities promote individualized choice to encourage socialization, independence and self-led transitions.

Homework Assistance

Homework assistance is available to each child who attends our after-school programs.  Our teachers provide one-on-one help and individualized attention to each child needing assistance completing school-based daily requirements.  Homework assistance is at the parent’s discretion and can be completed with LVCC or left to be worked on at home.